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How To Name a Consignment Shop are starting a consignment shop and don't know what to name it? Here are some tips you can follow when trying to come up with a name for your new consignment store.

Marketing or bust. Names are all over the board when it comes to consignment shop names. Some are silly. Some are named after the owner. Some are unique. Lots have the words ‘Again’, ‘Resale’, ‘Consignment’, ‘Repeat’, ‘Couture’, ‘Attic’, ‘Exchange’, ‘Second’, ‘Closet’, or ‘Boutique’ in the name. Like any of those words? Great! Use them! Don't like them? Perfect! Come up with your own name. No matter how great (or terrible!) the name of your store is, if you don't market it to the public you will probably be searching for a new name for another venture in a year.

Keep it simple. Make sure the name you pick is short, easy to remember and easy to pronounce. If you try to be sophisticated and tweak a common word by spelling it differently, people might just end up pronouncing it incorrectly.

Match your niche. If you are starting an upscale, trendy consignment boutique that carries higher priced purses, you probably don't want to name your store Recycled Purses or Accessory Attic. Those names do not really set the tone for the type of store you are wanting to open. Use a name like Trendy Bags or some other name that portrays a more upscale environment.

Is the domain name taken? What is a domain name? In short, it's the name you choose for your website. For example, There are so many websites these days that it is hard to find a good (short) domain name that people can remember, but it is crucial to have a website at the same time. Try to match the domain with the name of your consignment store. If you don't, people may have a hard time finding you on the web. A good place to start is GoDaddy's domain search. Just type in your domain you want and see if it's available.

Is there already a store with that name in your state? You can find out if the name you are interested in is taken through your Secretary of State office. You can search online by going to and clicking on your state at the bottom. That should bring up a link on the page displaying YourState Secretary of State. If you click on that link it should take you to your secretary of state website in the business entity search section. Search for the name and see if it is available.

Longer is not better. Try to keep your consignment business name short. One to three words is best. After three, the name gets hard to remember and isn't very catchy. Cathy's Closet is much easier to remember than Treasure Box Unusual Consignment Place. Most likely people are going to shorten the second one to Treasure Box anyway, and what if there is another Treasure Box store in your area?

Test it! Make a list of the top 3 to 5 names you have in mind for your new consignment store. Ask family, friends and strangers which one they like and why. It might surprise you what other people think. And don't lead them by telling them which one is most popular or which one you prefer. Let them think for themselves and give their opinion.

Google it! Make sure you Google your consignment business name. See what comes up. The last thing you want is to pick a name that is similar to 10 other businesses in your area. Google just the name alone first to make sure there is nothing bad associated to it. Then add your state, city, and any other words that might affect your business being successful.